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I haven’t posted on here for a while because the legendary Vince Engel found me a position as an Art Director at Engine Company 1. Part of my position was to assist in the re-branding of the agency for the beginning of the new 2014 year. So without further adieu here is a series of links for all things Chemistry Club related.
Official Website:
Facebook: (pending, when it goes live I will post it here.) …

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An unfortunate part of my recent, post-graduation interviews that I have done, was that very few Creative Directors knew what Young Glory was. So before I go into “brag-mode” let me break it down for you.
Young Glory is an eight month long competition. In fact their motto is “Eight Months, Eight Briefs.” And in this competition, two tiers of individuals (student and professional) compete for points in what can be considered as an advertising marathon. Gold gets you 25, Silver 18, Bronze 15, Finalist 10. You can submit as many ideas as you would like. The competition starts in October and ends in May. …

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I’ve been busy around the internet these days, but luckily things have slowed down to allow me to take care of some more personal matters. Hence the constant count of portfolio updates of recent; it’s been nice to take care of some catch up work.  And while I will take the time to outline all of my Montreal excursion in another post, I wanted to just highlight the big stuff that has been going on (with that), and anything else worth mentioning.
The War on drugs.
Yup, my awesome team, Insight & Execute and myself have been mentioned and considered by (sir) Richard Branson himself in one of his latest blog posts. …

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