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I haven’t posted on here for a while because the legendary Vince Engel found me a position as an Art Director at Engine Company 1. Part of my position was to assist in the re-branding of the agency for the beginning of the new 2014 year. So without further adieu here is a series of links for all things Chemistry Club related.
Official Website:
Facebook: (pending, when it goes live I will post it here.) …

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Well four years is long enough to let the cat out of the bag right? So a while ago, there was this game called AION, and to summarize very quickly, it wasn’t a very good game. Perhaps it is a good game these days, but the lack of servers and it’s adopted Free-2-Play model would have me thinking otherwise. Anyway, when I was hosting a video game site with a friend of mine, Ryan Yockey, I went ahead and wrote this piece describing my experience of “botting” in AION. Interestingly enough it was picked up a few of the more significant fansites of the time, and became a catalyst for what was wrong with the game.   …

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