#MyDNA is Me

When 23andMe approached us at RAPP SF, we took their single social post request and expanded it into a fully digital campaign. We created a YouTube commercial series that drove new business to purchase, and pinged existing users to upload their images with the hashtag #mydnaisme which would be displayed on a landing page that catalogued them.

YouTube, Desktop & Mobile UI
YouTube Commercials, Landing Page
By using multiple digital media platforms, we were able to drive traffic and increase sales to 23andMe.

23andMe wants to create a social media campaign with hopes of going viral. This would, in turn, drive traffic to 23andMe and increase sales of their DNA kits. Reach the people most likely to purchase, and existing users who want to join the conversation by posting their images.

Create the hashtag #mydna and announce the campaign with YouTube video ads—create a landing page that catalogues posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Inform new business and existing users of this campaign with use of a targeted YouTube ad campaign.

#MyDNA :30 commercial spot

Using many of the existing brand elements from 23andMe we were able to create a fun lighthearted ad.

#MyDNA :15sec Canadian commercial spot

This is an example of several specifically targeted modified ads. This one was specifically for the Canadian market.

UX wireframes

With our commercial finished, the next stage was to create the site that would house all of the social posts we were curating.

Landing page experience

The final result was a crisp & colorful experience that was coded to curate social posts from all over digital platforms.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Art Direction, Visual Design, UX/UI Design, Sound Engineering, Post-Production

Ron Ceballos, Haley Banks and the rest of the creative team at RAPP SF.