Facebook & Instagram Photoshoots

Facebook SMB is a small, agile, and highly effective team. In my time with them at Facebook we were able to become the most impactful team in the entire organization. This is in no small part to the way we approached our messaging & creative. Finding the photos and artwork from other teams to be ineffectual in driving impact (not to mention way to expensive), we set out to get our own assets to use.

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Facebook & Instagram SMB Photo series

Facebook SMB (Small Business) is finding it difficult to correctly convey ideas and concepts focus on small businesses with an incredibly limited catalogue of photos and artwork. The SMB team doesn’t have photos that correlate to the topics they explain in their ads, webpages, presentations directed at small businesses.

Launch a two-part photoshoot campaign that covers the needs of Facebook and Instagram SMB that distinctly feel on brand and have the potential to be used multiple times and across several topics. Compile all the needs—settings, devices, represented individuals, and include the most important verticals that represent each side of the business.

This photoshoot was a chance for the SMB team to show the rest of the org that we could go out and get the vertical segment shots we had been needing for a better price. If there was a shot that didn't exist on all the stock photo websites, then we were going to make it ourselves :)

Creative strategy

This was a multifaceted campaign that was broken out to Facebook & Instagram, and then from there broken down into multiple business verticals.

Below is a sample of the thousands of shots we got for this campaign.

Facebook photoshoot: Part 1

Our campaign started with Facebook and covered cafes, home businesses, and ecommerce.

Facebook photoshoot: Part 2

Financial, spa, and ecommerce (part 2) verticals. Point of sale, personal meetings, and shipping were a few of the topics we covered.

Facebook photoshoot: Part 3

Accessory shops, home businesses (part 2) and high-end retail rounded off the final segment of the Facebook shoot.

From the beginning of the Facebook shoot, we wanted to cover the more pragmatic moments, where actual business was being conducted.

Instagram photoshoot: Part 1

Salon experience—with fewer verticals to cover, we wanted to show more of the social aspects of small businesses and how they interact with Instagram.

Instagram photoshoot: Part 2

Accessory shop/Small business—opening shop, trying on clothing, and more Instagram’able moments.

Instagram photoshoot: Part 3

Cafes & restaurants—We work with a food stylist to get some great shots of food.


#1 downloaded creative asset pack on internal system

Used in thousands of FB + IG materials globally

Prominently featured on Facebook Business site

Saved time & money by sourcing our own shots

Additional Details

My Roles:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Postproduction, Strategy

Managing Director: Tanya Ghosh
Account Director: Ian Preston