Instagram Business: Instaschool

With the arrival of the Instagram stories platform, we were tasked with concepting & developing a microsite solution to educate small businesses on how to communicate with audiences and boost their sales. I lead the campaign from idea to execution as we encouraged businesses to tell their own visual story.

Instagram App, Stories, Facebook
Microsite Campaign & Ad Assets
This whole campaign was great because it meant we got to incorporate those beautiful Instagram brand gradients to tell a vibrant story while promoting one of Instagram's flagship features.

Instagram has launched their new feature “Stories,” a short video segment that is quickly consumed and proven to boost engagement. Small businesses (SMB’s) have very little time and are often intimidated to learn a new tool or platform. We need to educate SMB’s about the benefit of Instagram Stories adoption, and how short videos of their products could drive big engagement.

Our solution was multi-sided: first, we immediately establish the importance of Instagram Stories for SMB’s by showing them how short form videos increase engagement, which in turn leads to sales. Second we show them the anatomy of Stories with a few examples to get them started. Finally we direct them to the in app metric tools to monitor engagement.

UX flow

Ads, emails, and Instagram Stories served up to SMB’s would drive to different parts of the microsite and loop back to the homepage.

UX wireframes: Desktop

Setting the framework for colorful visuals by providing a lot of white space.

UX wireframes: Mobile

Great care was taken to ensure a strong mobile-first experience.

Since Instagram is a mobile first app and webpage, we went to great lengths to ensure the experience on mobile was interactive enough to be remembered but lightweight enough for emerging markets.

Color Branding

The six sections of the page paired nicely with the six secondary brand gradients. This also laid the foundation for the matching color treatment in our headers.

Instaschool desktop landing pages

Vibrant gradients and interactivity were reserved for important set pieces to drive the most impact.

Homepage navigation experience

Instaschool mobile landing pages

Translation into mobile meant turning the sub-menu into a colorful dropdown experience.

Carousel ad experience

Instagam Stories was still really new at the time, so to drive traffic to the microsite we converted the Stories video into a carousel. The end result was a really fun swiping experience for the user.

Stories experience

The final Stories product was well received across the company and gained the trust of the Instagram product team to continue to partner on fleshing out the brand narrative for businesses on Instagram.



Increased updates made to Instagram Business profiles


Lift in businesses creating Instagram Stories


Businesses accessing Instagram Insights for the first time


CTR for display ads across platforms

Additional Details

My Roles:
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Sound Engineering, UX/UI Design, Mobile Design

Marketing Management: Tanya Ghosh
Copywriting: Maria Lopez Ordonez