Mobile Homepage

When LinkedIn launched into the mobile space in the mid 2010’s, they released with their mobile & iPad experience along with a few other apps they acquired. It was at this point that they came to the great people at Chemistry Club and assigned task of properly constructing a mobile page experience to me.

Desktop & Mobile UX/UI
Landing Page & Mobile Experience

LinkedIn is committed to creating a single place for all their apps to live. Users need to be able to go to this page on their mobile device and either, A. download the app they want directly to their phone via their preferred app store, or B. email themselves a link which they can download later.

Make a single focused hub that has everything needed to get users to transfer from web to app. Create user profiles highlighting the most likely scenarios for this page and then proceed to build wireframes and then a page around it. Write social media posts that drive traffic to this page which then funnels users to their correct app store.

UX flow

Through social media posts, in-product messages, and emails sent to members—users are sent to the landing page and funneled to their specific app store or email for later.

User profiles

We isolated specific needs for LinkedIn Mobile to users in 3 specific roles depending on where they are in their career.

UX wireframes: Desktop

With desktop still functioning as one of the main ways to drive mobile installs (at the time) we made sure to push serious decisions to the top of the page.

UX wireframes: Mobile

For obvious reasons, incorporating impactful modules into the mobile version of the page was critical for driving installs as well as showing LinkedIn was mobile-first.

Desktop design

Fully fleshed out visual experience UI for desktop.

Mobile design

Fully fleshed out visual experience UI for mobile.

Launch email

Emails were sent out at certain touchpoints in the user experience (qualified for a mobile download, etc.). Email template was repurposed for email-for-later option.

One of the awesome results from this collaboration with LinkedIn was how our exploration into mobile experience helped provide perspective to retool parts of LinkedIn’s evolving rebrand such as line heights and image usage.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Art Direction, Web Design, Mobile Design, UX/UI Design

Suosdey Penn, Mel Chan, Allison Khoury and the rest of the awesome people at Chemistry Club.