Monterey Bay Aquarium


With Monterey Bay Aquarium launching their new exhibit “Tentacles” it was up to myself, and the fine people at Chemistry Club, to intrigue tourists with the playful and intelligent nature of cephalopods. Our campaign spanned across various digital mediums and outdoor—most notably, my work became the 2nd full wrap experience to be done on a BART car.

Digital, Print, AR
Comprehensive Outdoor/Online Campaign
This campaign was an absolute blast to be a part of. The challenge of squid and octopus being “creepy” just made it all that more fun to convey their playful nature.

Tentacles is a brand-new exhibit at The Monterey Bay Aquarium—a fun display of otherworldly looking cephalopods. They want to position themselves as a fun tourist attraction for Bay Area redidents who are considering taking a weekend trek out of town. Find a way to spread the word, and remain top-of-mind, with a complete campaign that shows the playful nature of cephalopods.

Create an all-encompassing campaign targeted in high traffic areas where Bay Area natives reside. This is also included on Bay Area related webpages, blogs, news sites, etc. Create experiences that focus on the tentacles then rethink the way that media is consumed. Then use that unconventional approach to draw comparisons with unconventional creatures.

Creative strategy

Our goal was to create a series of assets that could translate well to different mediums. We then used those to quickly repurpose assets across outdoor, web, and streaming services.

San Francisco Giants: McCovey Cove AR broadcast

We partnered with the SF Giants to do stadium takeovers as well as broadcasts. This AR would play over the announcers reading a script for Monterey Bay Aquarium.

San Francisco Giants: Kiss Cam

Our take over of the kiss cam was a fun way to show the playful nature of cephalopods.

San Francisco Giants parking lot charging stations

When the Giants installed brand-new charging stations in McCovey parking lot, it was the perfect opportunity to utilize their screens and tell the Tentacles narrative.

San Francisco Giants LED boards

The narrow LED space bisecting the upper and lower stands was a great chance to have tentacles push messaging onto the screen.

BART car wrap

This was the cornerstone of the new campaign with the 2nd ever wrap on a BART car. The final result was a truly unique BART experience.

The social media response from the creation of the BART wrap was phenomenal. Posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were in the 1000’s on each platform.

BART interior car & station ads

To go with the BART wrap, we had ads mounted inside the cars, as well as full ad takeovers of BART stations.

Tentacles landing page experience

Our landing page for the Tentacles campaign received overwhelming traffic from direct linking as well as banner ad campaigns.

Banner ads & take overs

The other massive set piece of our campaign was banner ads of ever size, and site takeovers like the Pandora radio player.

Results: News articles & social media

The response was incredible. News & blog articles were written. Even a few examples of my handiwork ended up on Getty Images & iStock.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Production Art, UI Design

Suosdey Penn, Mel Chan, Allison Khoury and the rest of the awesome people at Chemistry Club.