NBC Bay Area

We Investigate

NBC Bay Area reached out to all of us at Chemistry Club and asked us to produce 2 commercials as part of their “We Investigate” series. A great part of my job was to scout locations and photograph key moments for the ads. What we ended up with was a rapid representation of the cutting-edge technology & coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Local NBC & Sister Stations
x2 :30 second commercials

The Bay Area is known for technology that moves at break-neck speeds. They want to inform their viewership that the fastest, most accurate news comes from them. Establish NBC Bay Area as the leading authority on all local technology news.

Develop a series of commercials that A. produce shots of important signs and locations from around the Bay Area and Silicon Valley to establish familiarity with NBC’s viewers B. pair these with fast cuts of pivotal tech/business changing scenes.

The photography & scouting was my favorite part of this campaign. It was great to map out key places in the bay and take a tour of all the awesome places that changed tech.

“Where News is News” 30 sec ad

A mixture of local shots and parallax effects paired it with an authoritative voice.

“In the Air” 30 sec ad

We doubled down on the local theme to remind viewers that the next big thing is happening where they live.

Staged shots

A mixture of shots from inside the Chemistry Club office (you can see me in the 2nd shot!) and black and white images taken from inside the NBC Bay Area studio.

Bay Area photography

Images taken at or around critical locations in the Bay.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Photography, Art Direction, Visual Design, Postproduction

Suosdey Penn, Mel Chan, Allison Khoury and the rest of the awesome people at Chemistry Club.