Google SMB had a simple task. Take what already existed (Academy for Ads), and make it better. It wasn’t bad by any stretch, but it was showing its age, and needed to reflect the updated branding and messaging direction Google was heading in. The result was a complete overhaul—upgrading, up-leveling, inclusive, and rethinking the way Google presented its Ad education to marketers and partners.

Skillshop Site & LMS
Desktop, Mobile & LMS Redesign
Skillshop was one of those awesome opportunities to take something that was already good, re-envision it, and make it great.

Academy for Ads was a great tool. It had informative details, fun visuals, and a best-in-class quiz system—but it’s old. In the past few years Google moved on from many of the things that made it “quirky” to establish itself as one of the best brands in the world. Academy for Ads needs to reflect these changes to the Google brand.

After looking over all of the assets that made up Academy for Ads we concluded that it didn’t need a facelift, but a complete overhaul. From this Skillshop was born, a reworked curriculum, new design, and brand that was more inclusive. The final result was a site looking and sounding like it belonged as part of Google’s updated brand.

Creative Strategy

Being universally accessible and useful is the heart and soul of Google’s brand. With that as the north star we build Skillshop around these five key parts.

Out with the old, in with the new

One of the most significant parts of this rebranding was reproaching the visuals. Academy for Ads was showing its age. Skillshop’s goal was to be as inclusive as possible, showing more able-bodied people, more creeds, races, and color. Google is for everyone, so we needed to properly represent everyone.

Skillshop desktop page experience

We applied a major overhaul, building from white, and keeping artwork and animation to a minimum—letting the information drive the narrative.

Skillshop mobile page experience

Mobile was the core of our experience. The entire LMS + Site experience was built around the idea of learning on the go.



Visual updated, making the artwork look timeless.


Diversity & Inclusion represented in every image.


Optimized & compatible across all devices.


Shared 1000’s of times across social platforms.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Strategy, Direction of Web Development

Creative Team: Jenni Armstrong, Amaury Durieux