Find My Audience

With more than 2 billion users on YouTube everyday, it has created a gold-rush of advertisers trying to make sure they are in front of the right people at the right time. From that, the Google SMB team came up with the “Find My Audience” tool—designed to help advertisers learn how to better place their ads in front of videos that will create the most conversion.

Desktop & Mobile UI, YouTube
Website & Custom PDF System

Advertisers have the confusing and overwhelming task of figuring out how to place their products in front of the right people who watch videos on YouTube. Find a way to help guide these people through the confusion by presenting them with the right information for their vertical and goal.

Concept and create a site that, not only helps guide advertisers through the process of figuring out where to place their ads, but gives them the ability to a-la-carte information that is then packaged into a PDF playbook that can be consumed later.

Find My Audience ended up being a fun campaign with users customizing their own PDF with information tailored specifically to their business.

Creative strategy

With data we already had, we were able to target SMB users directly, and drive traffic to the page with email & static/video ads.

Landing page experience

The homepage starts with a funnel and a brief overview of what to expect. From there users were able to customize up to 5 pieces of information for their custom PDF.

Mobile page experience

Mobile was the core of our experience. We made sure that if a user’s device didn’t have the capability to open a PDF, they could email themselves for later viewing.

The PDF playbook customized to the user’s needs was the one component of the page that added that personal touch that kept engagement as high as it was.

Custom profile email notification

Every user who filled out their a la carte PDF experience would get a notification email letting them know that their PDF playbook was ready for download.

Custom audience profile playbook PDF

Users got to consume vital information in a customized PDF that they constructed on the Find My Audience site where they could add up to 5 verticals & insights.

Additional Details

My Roles:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Strategy

Creative Team: Amaury Durieux
Partner Agency: Firewood Marketing